How to Find Free Camping

People think of camping as the most frugal way to travel, and it can be if you know where to camp! Some campgrounds charge up to $40 a night or more. But don’t worry! I know all the tips and tricks to find free camping!

For those of you looking to experience more of the world for less, you may want to look further for a spot to call home for the night. Lucky for you, there is plenty of free camping to go around! 

Stealth Camping

This is for my van life people! There have been plenty of times that my husband and I have had to stop for the night on the way to a grand destination. These stops usually look like a Walmart or grocery store parking lot. 

They aren’t glamorous, and typically there isn’t a good view. But they don’t cost a thing. One thing to look out for would be signs posted that say they don’t allow overnight parking for campers and RVs. 

This isn’t very common, but you will see it in Florida close to the beaches. Now, I don’t like to break the rules, but sometimes you have to for free camping. There is a way around being caught! 

Make sure you have window covers. Joey and I made some out of reflectix and blackout fabric when we took our minivan trip. We glued velcro on them and stuck them in the window. We even camped in a Walmart parking lot in Clearwater Beach, Florida and had no issues!

You can check out out frugal minivan conversion kit here! 

It also helps to get in late and leave early! You can never be too careful! 

Free Camping

iOverlander App

For those of you looking to tent camp, there are plenty of options! We use iOverlander when looking for camp spots. What’s great about iOverlander is that people leave reviews of camp spots they have visited, and usually, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re walking into.

iOverlander has paid camping and free camping listed so you know which to choose. There are some really awesome free spots with incredible views all over the world, and iOverlander has them all listed! 

Make sure to leave a review of your camp spot experiences to help other travelers find the best free camping!  

BLM Land 

free camping

BLM land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and they control one-eighth of America’s landmass. You can find A TON of BLM land out west, and so much of it is gorgeous. Almost all of it is free to camp on for up to 14 days! 

That’s two weeks of free camping! 

Some BLM land does charge a fee, but it’s very rare. BLM land is usually very rural and off the beaten path, but it comes with a ton of perks like amazing views and, did I mention it was free?

Of course, it’s important to do plenty of research about anywhere you plan to camp! That way you have an idea about what amenities and what to expect when you get there! 

If you have come across any awesome free camp spots, let us know down in the comments! 

Happy travels, friends!   


  • Britt

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    Great suggestions! While there is no denying that you’re paying for convenience in many of the parks around here (shower facilities, clean bathrooms, dumping facilities for those with trailers and RVs, etc) you can definitely enjoy a trip while keeping the costs far lower!

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    We love camping as a family. Great resource for people like us. Thank you

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      Thank you! You’re very welcome!

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    Great resources! Thanks! My family and I are on a 2 year plan…looking forward to fulltime RV life❤

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    Great post! Some really good recommendations for apps/sites to check out.

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    I really like the layout of your blog! Great job! Lots of good information on your post! I did not know there were places like these to camp free. I prefer primitive camping. I do not like campgrounds! Thanks for posting!!

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    A great resource for when camping. Not planning a camping vacating but will definitely recommend your page.

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    Interesting. I think I’ll stay with hotel rooms that have a soft bed and warm showers in the morning.

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    My family and I love camping! Thanks for sharing these useful tips – they will certainly come in handy in the future.

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    Great suggestions. We RV, but I’ve been a bit intimidated to try some of the free camping. I’ll be sure to use your tips!

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    This is a great tip for people who love camping and keeping the budget as low as possible.

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    This is really for super budget traveling. I have seen some of it in New Zealand.

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    I like that there is an app for camping spots.

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