Ethical Fashion: Give Back

As our van build progresses, Joey and I have started thinking about downsizing our possessions. More specifically, our wardrobe. Over half of my clothes (or all of them) will have to go! There is no way they will fit in our new tiny home! But this does give me the opportunity to build a whole new arsenal of cute looks!mI would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited about it! With that being said, I really want to fill our travels with ethical fashion!

When we started this adventure, we knew that we wanted to revolve our new lives around sustainability and giving back! I don’t know about you, but I love our planet. I  want it to be around for a million more trips around the sun, so needless to say, ethical fashion is a good place to start!

While doing research into my new wardrobe, I found some really incredible ethical fashion brands! I’ve gathered them here so that you can dress responsibly too!

Ethical Fashion

10 Tree

10 Tree is probably one of my favorite brands, and not just because they sell really cute outdoorsy clothes! As the name suggests, they plant 10 trees for every item you buy!

You receive a code with your purchase and with that code, you can track your trees and watch them grow! 10 Tree has established this initiative in Madagascar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Haiti, Senegal, the US, and Canada.

So far, they have planted over 30 million trees all funded by people buying their super cute clothes! Go buy a hoodie and fund the future here! 

Ethical Fashion

The Happy Wanderer Company

The Happy Wanderer Company is fairly new to the game! They reached out to us on Instagram.

I learned that they donate a percentage of every purchase to the Environmental Defense Fund!

I bought this really cute t-shirt with a camper on it, and it is so comfy.

They have really cute clothes and accessories for fair prices, all while helping the environment! Head on over to the Happy Wanderer Company and grab something cute and travel themed to help the planet!

Ethical Fashion

Woodchuck USA

Woodchuck USA is really for my husband more than myself! This brand creates customized wood-based products like watches, money clips, groomsmen gifts, and more.

Everything is manufactured in the USA with a focus on bringing nature back into people’s lives! For every purchase, they plant one tree!

You can even track your tree with the code they provide with every purchase! Go buy your man something, nice and plant a tree in the process!


Feed gives ethical fashion a new meaning. This company doesn’t focus on the planet, but instead, those who live on it!

They have a huge collection of bags and accessories that help feed kids all over the world. Every product listed on the sight tells you how many meals that purchase would provide!

It warms my heart to think that my favorite purse provided over 100 meals to hungry school children. Check out the site and provide meals for hungry kiddos today

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella has a mission close to my heart. If you have read our California post, then you know how much I adore elephants!

Ivory Ella has committed to donating a minimum of 10% of their profits to the Save the Elephant Foundation. So far, they have been able to donate over 1.7 million over the past 4 years!

Plus, they have really cute t-shirts and accessories with little elephants on them! You can go to their website to learn more about how they make a difference for elephants and see their collection of apparel!

Ethical Fashion

Pura Vida

You have probably seen Pura Vida around social media. I think we’ve all clicked through their cute bracelets, but did you know they’re the epitome of ethical fashion?

The brand started with two southern Californias taking a trip to Costa Rica and falling in love with the idea of giving back to local artisans.

Since then, they have created a charity collection that has provided over 1.7 million dollars to 175 different charities worldwide!

Their bracelets are really pretty and always handcrafted! Plus, you can choose which charity you want to benefit depending on the bracelet you buy! Go check out their mission and gorgeous bracelets to give back today!

Ethical Fashion


Sevenly is one of the world’s top charitable apparel and lifestyle brands. They raise awareness through ethical fashion for numerous initiatives including world hunger and health/medical awareness.

Every piece that is purchased is made to order and created in hopes of starting a conversation to raise awareness about your chosen issue.

Sevenly has given away nearly 5 million dollars since it started in 2011! You can learn more about their mission and 7-day campaigns on their website. You might as well get yourself something nice while you there. It’s for a good cause! 

I want you guys to know that there are absolutely no affiliate links present in this post! I will not make a single dime for mentioning these organizations.

These companies are giving back to the planet and the communities we live in, and I think they deserve to thrive!

I hope you all take the opportunity to look through some of the amazing ethical fashion mentioned above for your next gift-giving holiday or birthday. Giving back is the cornerstone of a better tomorrow! 

Happy travels, friends!


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    Great post, I’m always looking for ethical brands.

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    This is cool! To have a list of ethical brands in one place is so helpful! Thanks for sharing and introducing me to other brands that have purpose!

  • Donna

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    This is a great post thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

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