5 Binge-Worthy Travel Shows on Netflix

I wish that I could travel full time. It would be a dream come true to hit the road tomorrow, and never look back. But right now we have jobs to do and money to save. When we are feeling bored with our local options, we binge travel shows!

Travel shows are the next best thing to being out in the world. They give us ideas for awesome places to visit and an inside look into the culture and landscape of somewhere we have never been before!

I wanted to tell you guys about my favorite travel shows on Netflix! Get the popcorn ready and settle in, because I could kill a weekend binging the top five travel shows on Netflix!  

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes

I love this show because it features tons of different countries like India, Spain, Norway, and Isreal. The two hosts, Caroline and Piers, travel all over the world to tour incredible homes.

These houses range from steel farmhouses to massive homes built in the trees! They explore these abodes and interview the owners to understand what it takes to build these houses and live in them!

This show brings you into the homes and lives of natives. You get to experience the culture, the food, the climate, and most of all the architecture. The houses are built to combat extreme climates and, of course, make a statement.

The hosts are hilarious, the homes are extraordinary, and the destinations are beautiful. You can’t go wrong with The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes.

5 Binge-Worthy Travel Shows on Netflix

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

This show is similar to The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes except it’s all about hotels. This show features hotels in Singapore, Ecuador, Kenya, Morrocco, and so many more!

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby takes a deep dive into how these hotels use their beautiful landscape to woo guests into coming back again and again.

Some of the episodes feature hotels in the clouds, breakfast with giraffes, and buildings made completely of ice! You can experience totally unique cultures and landscapes through the eyes of the hotels’ guests!

After watching Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, you may find yourself booking a room for yourself!

5 Binge-Worthy Travel Shows on Netflix

Tales By Light

Tales By Light uses photographers and videographers to discover some of the most undocumented cultures in the world. This show travels to Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Himalayas to capture never before seen footage.

If you are into cultural diversity and the challenges of third world countries, this show is for you. I love when I can be educated and entertained by a show, and Tales By Light ticks every box! Not to mention the incredible scenery!

Check out Tales By Light and immerse yourself in a world much different than your own!   

Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist takes you all across the world to find the craziest tourist destinations. The host David does everything from meeting Pablo Escobar’s enforcer in Colombia to visiting a site destroyed by nuclear radiation in Japan.

This show is dark, funny, and distinctly informative. I found myself question David’s sanity more than once, but I always come away with a cool story to tell!

Check out Dark Tourist if you’re into shows that are off the beaten path. Just stay away from the radiation!

5 Binge-Worthy Travel Shows on Netflix

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain had a truly special passion for food and an even better personality! In this show, Bourdain traveled all over the world to sample local cuisine.

The show goes back and forth between foreign countries such as Greece and West Africa to US destinations such as Chicago and Montana. He finds himself in some sticky situations with some crazy dishes!

This show brings you to some beautiful locations and gives you the skills you need to order in foreign countries! Overall, this show is hilariously clever! Check out Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown next time you’re feeling hungry for something different!   

What are some of your favorite travel shows? Leave them in the comments for us to binge later!


  • Sue

    1 year agoReply

    These actually all sound good! I have watched Parts Unknown, but didn’t know about the others. I never know what to watch on Netflix because I feel like I have seen the movies I want to see already… I think I’ll start with Tales by Light when it starts to pour later today! ☔📺

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    1 year agoReply

    The only one of these that I’ve seen is the Anthony Bourdain one. I’ll definitely be checking the others out. The hotel shows sounds interesting.

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