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I’ve been hearing a lot of push back from family regarding our plans to travel to Mexico, Central America, and South America. This isn’t surprising since I heard the same push back about traveling across America.

“It’s too dangerous out there!”

“What if the van breaks down?”

“What will you do if you get sick or injured?”

I get it. Leaving the comfort of your home town can be intimidating. I was once that intimidated, inexperienced traveler. I was so worried that we would find ourselves stranded in the middle of the desert with no water, no fuel, and no service.

It’s normal to have anxiety around the unknown and totally expected. Truthfully, crazy things can happen when you travel, and you need to be prepared. This is where RoamRite comes into play.

RoamRite Travel Insurance

What is RoamRite Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance covers everything from unexpected cancelations to medical emergencies. If you get to the airport to discover that your flight has been delayed due to bad weather, RoamRite will cover any non-refundable deposits you lost.

If you find yourself with a broken bone or food poisoning in the middle of a foreign country, RoamRIte will get you to the best medical care available. Then, they can get you on a plane back home.

RoamRite provides peace of mind while you’re out experiencing the unknown. Think of  RoamRight travel insurance as a necessary safety net.  

The Best Travel Insurance

How Does RoamRite Travel Insurance Work?

With RoamRite you can choose between numerous different insurance packages depending on your travel plans. Each offers different amounts of coverage and add on options.

The most comprehensive RoamRite plan is the Elite Travel Insurance Plan. This plan includes their highest limit for evacuation and baggage protection. The Elite Travel Plan covers up to $50,000 in emergency medical expenses and up to $1,000,000 in an emergency evacuation.

You can also receive reimbursement of travel expenses due to a work reason if you purchase the plan within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit. You can also add the “Cancel For Any Reason” with this plan!

The most basic RoamRite plan is the Essential Travel Insurance Plan. This plan is ideal for travelers who are staying within the united states and are mostly concerned with travel cancellation.

The Essential plan comes with up to 100% of Trip Cost in Trip Cancellation coverage as well as a $500 maximum in Trip Delay. It also features up to $15,000 in Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense coverage as well as up to $150,000 for Emergency Evacuation coverage.

The plans mentioned above are the most popular, but there are 8 plans to choose from to ensure that your travel needs are met.

The Best Travel Insurance

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

If you are traveling out of the country you absolutely need travel insurance. There are so many amazing things to experience in this world. The last thing you want is to interrupt your amazing adventure with stress over stolen/lost luggage or a delayed flight.

RoamRite travel insurance is there to make sure that you enjoy new experiences without the fear of the unexpected. This is especially true with medical coverage. Being sick or injured somewhere far from home is one of my biggest fears, but with RoamRite I know I’m covered.

Success Stories

My husband and I are very fortunate because we have never had to file a claim with RoamRite. There are others who have not been so lucky.

One RoamRite customer had planned a climbing trip in Nepal. This guy had been preparing for the intense climb all year. He was counting down the days until his dream trip. As he worked his way up the mountain, he realized that he had pushed himself too far.

He had to be evacuated off of the side of the mountain in due to extreme exhaustion and dehydration. RoamRite covered everything!

Another customer has an 8-year old that often travels with her. The customer’s daughter was diagnosed with Strep Throat two days before their departure. She received her trip reimbursement check a week later!

One customer had to have emergency surgery in Spain due to an unexpected illness. She said that RoamRite saved her life by working with the hospital and medical facilities, leaving her to worry about rest and recovery.

All of these amazing testimonials sold me on RoamRite. My husband and I feel much more secure knowing we can call on them when something crazy happens!

The Best Travel Insurance

Get a RoamRite Quote

Getting a quote is super easy! You can go to RoamRite Travel Insurance to check out their plans and see what’s right for you! You can even call their 1-800 number to ask any questions regarding coverage, pricing, or the claims process!

Do any of you have crazy, unexpected travel stories to share? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy (and safe) travels, friends!


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  • Britt

    2 years agoReply

    This was a really interesting read. I think most people fail to realize how important travel insurance can be in the event that something goes wrong – it’s better to be prepared! This is coming from someone who was in a car accident in another country – it was an eye opener for me. You never think it can happen to you until it does.

  • April Key C. Rode

    2 years agoReply

    Thanks for sharing about this insurance. It is excellent to know that they were positive reviews by using them. I honestly never tried to purchase separate insurance since our credit card has them. I still need to dig about this matter. Once again, thanks for putting this together! The pictures are so lovely!

  • Yara

    2 years agoReply

    Oh so timely! I was just looking for travel insurance suggestions. Thanks for this!

  • Aditi Sharma

    2 years agoReply

    This is a really helpful post for travel planning and safety. I hadn’t heard about RoamRite until I read this informative post. From the testimonials you’ve mentioned, it really seems that this insurance came through for the persons visiting Nepal and Spain during their medical situation.

  • Nabiha

    2 years agoReply

    I never heard of this company before. Thank you for mentioning

  • Josy A

    2 years agoReply

    I always find is mad when you hear of people travelling without insurance! I mean, I have never had to use it, but I know the first time I travel without it, I’ll need it instantly! Better safe than sorry eh!?

  • Jeremy

    2 years agoReply

    I believe in travel insurance too ! Better to be safe than sorry ! A little money goes a long way.

  • Jas

    2 years agoReply

    RoamRite sounds like a great travel insurance plan!

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