Welcome to Project Vagrant!

Project Vagrant

Hello all! Welcome to Project Vagrant! Tasha and Joey here! We got a taste for travel while exploring the country in a self-converted minivan! We experienced more adventure in those two weeks than we had in our entire lives, including getting married in the heart of the Redwood Forest!

After returning to our apartment and nine-to-five jobs in northwest Georgia, it was obvious that travel was calling our name. We saved up and bought a 2004 Sprinter van. We are currently in the process of converting it ourselves, with the moral support of our two doggos, Dexter and Sydney!

We started Project Vagrant to document this journey and to prove that even the wildest dreams can come true!

We hope is to inspire you to pursue your personal happiness, whether it’s on four wheels or not. We want to give you the resources to crush your goals, and above all else, create a space where no one is intimidated to reach for their best realities, no matter how wild they may seem. Finally,  we hope to connect, support, and grow with other like-minded individuals within the community!

We would love for you to reach out and say hello! 

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Happy travels, friends!

Tasha + Joey